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The base product for all of our systems, this suite is designed with a robust set of functions and modules to support performance and outcome tracking, case management, and grants management in one integrated suite. The system is designed to help clients speed time to production for their own systems. more

DCAR HealthWith configurations that support mental health, early childhood health, referral tracking and intensive evidenced-based practice models our health products and services can meet a wide range of health agency needs. DCAR™ Health supports telemedicine in inner city neighborhoods, evidenced-based practice models using CANS, and early childhood initiatives focused on healthy births and prenatal care. more

DCAR CrimJustice AJWI DCAR™ Criminal Justice allows cross-agency initiatives - the courts, police, juvenile probation, diversionary programs and health care - to focus on key indicators and outcomes that help reduce crime and incarceration. DCAR™ Criminal Justice has helped one county identify key intervention points in high risk youth lives before they commit violent crimes. more

DCAR Early Childhood Developed through our extensive work with First 5 California, DCAR™ Early Childhood Development can be configured to track infant developmental skills, family strength models and adolescent health. This product supports a number of assesment tools, including MacArthur, CASAS, DRDP, CA-ESPIRS and CELDT. more

DCAR EconDev DCAR™ Economic Development is a suite of modules that supports job training and placement initiatives, asset development initiatives and government agency grant tracking of economic development programs. AJWI has unique experience in integrating economic development data sets with health and criminal justice intiatives. more

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