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Andrew Wong

Email: ajw@ajwi.com

Andrew Wong has spent the past 30 years immersed in two of the most powerful trends in California society - the simultaneous demographic and technological revolutions that have transformed the face and functioning of the state.

As a student leader at UC Berkeley in the 1980s, Andrew built strong multi-racial coalitions on campus and across the state, and he was a principal organizer of the 1987 March on Sacramento that drew 8,000 people to Sacramento to support expanded educational opportunities for students of color. The March on Sacramento was the largest post-Vietnam rally in the Capitol. His 80's policy work included building community involvement in issues such as California’s Master Plan for Higher Education, Redress & Reparations for Japanese Americans, and state funding for public education.

In the 1990s, Andrew was a pioneer in applying voter list technology to political campaigns for underrepresented constituencies, and he coordinated campaigns of the youngest person (and the only African American at the time) ever elected to the San Francisco Board of Education, the first Asian American to win a citywide supervisor election in San Francisco, and one of the first openly gay members of the Bay Area Rapid Transit Board.

In 1998, Andrew returned to his technology roots and founded a software company that brings Web-based products and services to the government and non-profit sectors bypassed by the dotcom boom. As President and CEO of AJWI, Andrew offers tools and services that focus on supporting government and foundation evaluation, research, and grant infrastructure needs.

Today, his company provides data collection and public policy support for the Hewlett Foundation, First 5 California, First 5 Los Angeles, the City and County of San Francisco as well as other small to large grant-giving initiatives and institutions. AJWI has developed an infrastructure used by researchers and evaluators throughout the U.S. including the American Institutes for Research, SRI International, the National Health Foundation, the University of North Carolina, Policy Analysis for California Education, Harvard Business School and many others. Through this work Andrew and his company have developed expertise in integrating technology with public policy and civic engagement.

Andrew studied civil engineering at U.C. Berkeley and applied mathematics at San Francisco State University. His accomplishments also include being a classical violinist and jazz trombone player.

Currently, Andrew is a board member and co-founder of PowerPAC.org a California non-profit focused on voter education, civic engagement, and research on California voters with an emphasis on communities of color. Andrew also co-founded Justice Matters Institute a youth leadership and education reform non-profit and is helping incubate Hope Road Consulting a women of color public relations and campaign consulting firm.


Congratulations FII!

On May 27th, 2010 Family Independence Initiative CEO and President Maurice Lim Miller attended a White House event on foundation support for the Social Innovation Fund. In her speech, First Lady Michelle Obama highlighted FII as a project where "...friendships and social networks, not caseworkers, are the key to helping families overcome poverty." She praised FII as an approach that's "working, and showing real, measurable results.". See the clip at http://www.fiinet.org/

White Paper: Cross Agency Databases

AJWI recently released a white paper that outlines how cross agency databases, properly built and managed, can help government and youth serving agencies improve outcomes and measure success. Please contact us at info@ajwi.com for more information.

CANS Assessment: Technical and Social Change for Children and Youth

On April 19th 2010 AJWI released a white paper at the CANS/ANSA conference held in San Francisco. It was in conjunction with a presentation done by Nathaniel Israel, a co–author of the paper, on San Francisco's implementation of the CANS. Please contact us at info@ajwi.com for more information.

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