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2016 Highlighted Products

2016 looks to be an exciting year for AJW Inc. We are focused on three product offerings that are the most cutting edge and popular amongst our clients.

  1. IDS - Integrated Data Systems are becoming all the rage. We have led the pack with both research and case management solutions.
  2. Case Management - AJW Inc has specialized in longitudinal case management systems for over 15 years. Our systems are easily replicatable and scalable for small non-profit needs to large granting organizations.
  3. Mobile Applications - Integrating mobile solutions into your service culture is becoming a critical value add. We can help enhance almost any service model by creating a better connection to your clientele.

National League of Cities

Over the last couple of months we have had the pleasure of working with the National League of Cities providing TA with their Insitute for Youth, Education and Families juvenile justice team. We have visited Philadelphia and Las Vegas discussing strategies for executing data sharing initiaitves. We very much encourage municipalities to join the NLC and to investigate the work of the Insitute.

Georgetown Juvenile Justice Center

This September 2015 I participated in my second Georgetown University certification program titled School-Justice Partnership. I attended along with our Albany, NY data sharing team. It was a great building block on top of the Information Sharing Certificate Program I attended last December (2014) with San Francisco data sharing team members. I recommend anyone interested in data sharing or specific juvenile justice topics to consider their programs. -andy


Technical Support Line

For our DCAR™ products we offer phone/Web/email support during regular weekly office hours.

Managed Services

Through our managed services vendor ServePath we provide:

  • Application hosting
  • Application monitoring and load balancing
  • Data hosting
  • Additional training, bug fix and other technical support
  • Data back-up and recovery services
  • Security
  • Hardware and hardware support
  • Set hours/month of phone/email/Web technical support including bug/fix and system edits

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