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Service Description

CIS 1: Community Building


AJWI is proud to partner with UrAtWork, a non-profit corporation that offers a comprehensive set of value-added services to community-based initiatives seeking to improve outcomes for children, youth and their families.

Ur*AtWork currently manages the Youth Intervention Network (YIN), a community based collaboration in Antioch, California, that has trained a cadre of community volunteers to work with youth in crisis and their families in a wraparound model. This effort is actively supported by a cross-agency collaboration, including the local schools, police, social services and health care agencies.

Working with police, school and health data, Ur*AtWork and AJWI has identified a cohort group of youth using DCAR products and AJWI data services. Moving forward, Ur*AtWork and AJWI will monitor and analyze data to continuously focus initiative efforts for maximum impact.

To find out more about CIS 1: Community Building services, please email us at info@ajwi.com

Short list of clients for this product

  1. Youth Intervention Network (Antioch, CA)

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