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Product Description

DCAR™ Economic Development

DCAR EconDev

In 2013 our DCAR™ Economic Development suite was enhanced to support large scale municipal solutions for both compliance and innovation needs. Over the last two years we have built out systems that: support swipe cards (or smart cards) to track services across all your contractors; upload data to state reporting systems; and standardized input and reporting components to increase staff productivity. Later this year we are introducing functionality to match job seekers to job opportunities within a municipality. By utilizing changes in the way job and career sites are making data available, and implementing AJWI's proven data sharing protocols, we are able to use larger and larger data sets to match those who need greater opportunity with employers. Our delivery vehicles will also be both desktop and mobile.

Main Features

  • System can be scaled for single agency or multi-agency sharing of 100s/100,000s of recrds
  • Includes all DCARô Standard functions, including referral tracking, swipe card support, and automated alerts and production of .pdf's for hard copy print-outs
  • Modules can manage multiple partner agencies or service providers, evaluation/research, and system administration/security
  • Have experience in setting up upload functions to meet your state and federal needs while keeping data local for easy and quick access.
  • Custom form functions are available for user-definerules
  • Track forms such as WIA Program and upload data to the state for a simple way to meet compliance
  • OneStop activity tracking and reporting
  • Customized Form Workflow

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Product Support
Technical Support and Training

  • Training support in-person or online (packages included in subscription price).
  • Phone/Email/Web support available during regular work hours.


  • Application hosting/Data hosting
  • Application monitoring and load balancing
  • Security and Data back-up and recovery services
  • Hardware and software support

Technical Requirements

  • Internet Connection: Broadband is recommended
  • Browser: MS IE 6.0 or later required, Mozilla Firefox recommended, JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Digital signature is optional

Services Support

  • Design and Customization programming available based on time and materials.
  • Data analysis and database support for diversionary courts, CLETS, Juvenile Probation, and criminal incident report data sets.

To find out more about DCAR™ Economic Development, please email us at info@ajwi.com

Short list of clients for this product

  1. San Francisco Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development
  2. Richmond/North Richmond Economic Revitalization Initiative
  3. Family Independence Initiative

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