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Product Description

DCAR™ Early Childhood Development

DCAR Early Childhood

DCAR™ Early Childhood Development is a suite of modules that was developed out of our work with First 5 California state and local initiatives. This targeted product created a flexible model configurable for tracking of infant developmental skills, family strength models and adolescent health tracking. In use in our systems are assessments such as the MacArthur, CASAS, DRDP, CA-ESPIRS, CELDT, PALS, Peabody and ESL Appraisal forms many of which are in English and Spanish. We are also supporting prenatal and perinatal care programs indexed by pregnancies and other health events.

Main Features

  • System can be scaled for single agency or multi-agency sharing of 100s/100,000s of records.
  • Security protocols follow HIPAA, FERPA, and state based privacy laws and guidelines.
  • Tracking of children individually and as part of a family unit.
  • Support for many common assessments for children MacArthur, DRDP, DRDP-R, CELDT, PALS and Peabody and their parents CASAS, CA-ESPIRS, LAS, SOLOM and TABE.
  • User-friendly tools for creating custom assessments that can be set up for use by one program, a group of programs or all programs in the system.
  • Ability to download virtually all client data into Excel files for further analysis.
  • Tracking of pregnant women from start of prenatal care (including lab tests) through postpartum.Ability to download virtually all client data into Excel files for further analysis.

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Product Support
Technical Support and Training

  • Training support in-person or online (packages included in subscription price).
  • Phone/Email/Web support available during regular work hours.


  • Application hosting/Data hosting
  • Application monitoring and load balancing
  • Security and Data back-up and recovery services
  • Hardware and software support

Technical Requirements

  • Internet Connection: Broadband is recommended
  • Browser: MS IE 6.0 or later required, Mozilla Firefox recommended, JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Digital signature is optional

Services Support

  • Design and Customization programming available based on time and materials.
  • Data analysis and database support.

To find out more about DCAR™ Early Childhood Development, please email us at info@ajwi.com

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