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Product Description

DCAR™ Criminal Justice

DCAR CrimJustice

DCAR™ Criminal Justice is a suite of modules that support most criminal justice agency work flow needs including diversionary courts, probation, or cross-agency initiatives with probation, police, district attorney, public defender, or court appointed services as partners. A flexible architecture allows for integration of custom intake forms, health assessments, legal eligibility forms, tracking forms, surveys and closing summary forms. Specific functions support evaluation/research.

Main Features

  • Application Service Provider hosted by AJWI reducing COTS worries.
  • System can be scaled for single agency or multi-agency sharing of 100s/100,000s of records.
  • Security protocols follow HIPAA, FERPA, and state based privacy laws and guidelines.
  • Modules include case management, managing multiple partner agencies or service providers, evaluation/research, and system administration/security.
  • Function support includes e-referral, e-alerts, multiple case managers serving one client, administrative reporting, custom forms, and more… Contact us for a demonstration.

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To receive a copy of Case Studies from two DCAR™ Criminal Justice Implementations: Youth Intervention Network and San Francisco Behavioral Health Courts, please email us at info@ajwi.com

Product Support
Technical Support and Training

  • Training support in-person or online (packages included in subscription price).
  • Phone/Email/Web support available during regular work hours.


  • Application hosting/Data hosting
  • Application monitoring and load balancing
  • Security and Data back-up and recovery services
  • Hardware and software support

Technical Requirements

  • Internet Connection: Broadband is recommended
  • Browser: MS IE 6.0 or later required, Mozilla Firefox recommended, JavaScript must be enabled.
  • Digital signature is optional

Services Support

  • Design and Customization programming available based on time and materials.
  • Data analysis and database support for diversionary courts, CLETS, Juvenile Probation, and criminal incident report data sets.

To find out more about DCAR™ Criminal Justice, please email us at info@ajwi.com

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