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From Community Activists to Technology Providers

Starting AJWI has always been about community service and community change. For over 25 years Steve Phillips and I have committed our work and our lives to community empowerment and community improvement. Our early years were spent working on advocacy campaigns and public policy work. Our efforts spanned education, civil rights, immigration and criminal justice issue areas

In 1998 we decided to add a new facet to our work and began a company under the name of JMPT. This stood for Justice Matters Policy and Technology. Over the course of the next 8 years we sought to find ways to help initiatives to track and improve their work. Our early efforts included work with the Hewlett Foundation to track their Neighborhood Improvement Initiative and First 5 California's childcare initiative called CARES. In the course of this work we began to see two things emerge from the work. First was a basic need to organize our work into modules that can easily organize almost all of the work of an initiative. This led us to develop a security module for protection of privacy. Then a grants tracking module to track basic plans and outcomes across a wide range of collaborations. Then a client tracking module to help track data more granularly and to help in validating numbers reported in the grant tracking modules reporting functions. Along the way we also added a survey module for anonymous surveying and assessment, as well as an evaluators module for downloading of data for offline data manipulation. Ultimately all these components were assembled into one product called DCAR™ - Data Collection Analysis and Reporting.

In 2006 we had already dropped our policy division (opting to solely partner with policy groups instead) and decided to rename ourselves AJW Incorporated. Along the way we picked up the particularities of each program area we worked on developing specializations in early childhood development, health, education, criminal justice, and workforce development. This also led to expanding our service offering as we began to understand and interpret the data of our clients. Analysis of the data is beginning to produce fascinating results leading towards interesting new methods for agency collaboration and cross-agency case management and intervention.

Finally, in 2007, as our work took on a more established form and interesting unique models and specialties arose, we began to organize the work and institutionalize our models into partnerships that promised to focus us on what we do best while expanding our capacity to offer these solutions to more clients. These modules are institutionalized in our Community Intervention Services partnerships.

So we have evolved over more than a decade and established our unique approach to performance and outcome tracking. We invite you to investigate our models, talk to us and question us on our methods, and hopefully we will find a good fit with one of our products and/or services. We also invite you to ask us about our community work as we continue over 25 years (30 in my case - Steve is much younger than I) of service to those communities that have supported us and made us what we are today.

Andrew Wong
President, AJW Inc.


Thank you for your interest. Steve Phillips, Andrew Wong, Lisa Le, Roberta Achtenberg, and Ron Gruber


AJWI Community News

Congratulations FII!

On May 27th, 2010 Family Independence Initiative CEO and President Maurice Lim Miller attended a White House event on foundation support for the Social Innovation Fund. In her speech, First Lady Michelle Obama highlighted FII as a project where "...friendships and social networks, not caseworkers, are the key to helping families overcome poverty." She praised FII as an approach that's "working, and showing real, measurable results.". See the clip at http://www.fiinet.org/

White Paper: Cross Agency Databases

AJWI recently released a white paper that outlines how cross agency databases, properly built and managed, can help government and youth serving agencies improve outcomes and measure success. Please contact us at info@ajwi.com for more information.

CANS Assessment: Technical and Social Change for Children and Youth

On April 19th 2010 AJWI released a white paper at the CANS/ANSA conference held in San Francisco. It was in conjunction with a presentation done by Nathaniel Israel, a co–author of the paper, on San Francisco's implementation of the CANS. Please contact us at info@ajwi.com for more information.

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